Valmiki 504 LLC is a Louisiana subsidiary of Valmiki Capital Management LLC, a New York based asset management firm. With principal offices in New Orleans, Valmiki 504 acts as an investment manager for locally managed Valmiki funds, and an operating partner for Valmiki portfolio companies in the Gulf Coast region. Valmiki 504 invests in early stage companies, with substantial presence in food and technology.  The investments are made through funds, incubators, or directly into the companies and will assist in developing the startup ecosystem of Louisiana and the surrounding area.

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Valmiki 504 has launched two funds (Valmiki Bayou Partners I and II LP) to manage local capital, providing local investors with the experience of a team that has invested in over 40 different countries across a number of industries globally.  This type of expertise access is truly unique in New Orleans and will be a key to help the city attract young new startups. Through its network, Valmiki has access to a large number of high value-added partners which it uses extensively to grow the asset base and revenues for its portfolio investments, a benefit which will hugely help local companies. Valmiki’s current investor base includes a number of HNW clients from New Orleans who have accumulated exposure to various Valmiki funds and portfolio companies over the last few years.  The local office will provide local capital interested in alternative investments a set of global options.

As mentioned above, Valmiki 504 operates using a unique incubator ecosystem that helps optimize company growth. Leaning on the experience of experts in their respective fields allows Valmiki 504 to better nurture its investments and attract young new startups. 


Fund/incubator/company ecosystem

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The incubator Topxight LA LLC  focuses on technology

In the food space is incubator Ceres 504.