Valmiki Bayou Partners II LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership, is a venture capital fund with Valmiki 504 LLC as the General Partner, which offers investors access to venture and growth capital opportunities throughout the globe.  The investments are across a variety of verticals and sourced through the Valmiki Capital network of industry incubators with Valmiki Capital Management LP as the investment manager. 

The fund follows Valmiki’s investment philosophy of working closely with its portfolio companies using the “Main Street partners” structure it has created with its incubator affiliates – over the years it has evolved into a investing frameworks of industry “platform VCs” working in a “microVC” environment with heavy GP capital involvement – all ingredients for generating substantial alpha.

Investment Fund Structure

VBP II LP Flow Chart Website.PNG

The Valmiki funds have numerous investment differentiators, setting them apart from typical Venture Capitals:  

  • Our investments bring additional assets like IP, synergistic marketing, and revenue opportunities.
  • The ability to take such assets and meld it together using capital, strategic guidance and growth connections tremendously enhances both the revenue opportunities and the success probability of the portfolio companies.
  • Valmiki’s core “multi-family office” structure with proprietary capital ensures that long term interests are extremely aligned with LPs.
  • Valmiki funds typically have from 8-20% of GP contribution compared to typical 2% for most VCs.